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James Branch Cabell Library and the Health Sciences Library permit limited photography and videography for student and class projects that do not disrupt library users. Permission is required in advance. The project must not feature library users or their computer screens.
With the exception of the Cabell Screen, James Branch Cabell Library does not permit displays, art installations, or exhibits except those organized by VCU Libraries or organized by another unit in partnership with VCU Libraries.
The Health Sciences Library invites requests for art exhibits related to the health sciences or created by health sciences practitioners.

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Permission to Record Guidelines:
  1. Videographers, filmmakers, photographers and artists must secure permission in advance from the VCU Libraries Communications and Public Relations Office using this form to record inside the library buildings. The library communications office may waive this form in some situations, including working with professional Richmond media and student media associated with VCU.
  2. Please provide as much advance notice as possible. You will receive an email response noting that permission is granted.
  3. Videographers, filmmakers, photographers and artists must seek releases (Model Release Forms) from any featured person/player/model. This is defined as a person in the foreground of a photograph or image who can be readily identified. Close-up shots of computer screens are prohibited due to privacy laws. Patrons who do not wish to be photographed or featured may refuse to be featured. Please be polite to our patrons.
  4. Shooters may not move furniture or materials, decorate library spaces, affix any items/materials to walls, doors or other surfaces or generally rearrange the space to "stage" a scene.
  5. The signer/person requesting permissions will be held financially responsible for any damages that occur to the building or collections due to their activities. Damages must be reported immediately to the Communications and PR Office.
  6. If you publish or broadcast images, The VCU Libraries requests that proper credit be given for the location. Please refer to the library as the VCU Libraries or by the building's full name on first reference. The correct references are: James Branch Cabell Library and the VCU Health Sciences Library.
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  1. You will receive a copy of this request. If you want to send a copy of the report to someone else, enter one complete e-mail address (e.g., in the CC field, or for multiple recipients, separate addresses using a comma (e.g.,,

Questions? Contact Sue Robinson, Director of Communications and PR, 804-828-0129 or